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About project

National Mentorship Network
National Mentorship Network is a virtual platform, where experienced businessmen share their experience and knowledge with newbies in business.
Mentorship is a communication between an experienced businessman and a starting business owner. The main objective is to help a new entrepreneur to learn business management and improve other necessary entrepreneurship skills. Mentorship is a voluntary not-for-profit activity that is useful for both sides involved. Analysis of the Lithuanian as well as foreign mentorship projects shows that mentoring is a very important way to help less experienced to improve and develop professionally. However, the majority of those projects are targeted at non-business related audience, students and youth. This project in particular is designed to create environment and process for business people interaction.
National mentorship network is aimed at entrepreneurs that own a traditional business for 1 – 2 years or startups.
Mentors of our network are successful Lithuanian businessmen/women that run businesses over 4 years, also experts of particular fields that have an extensive experience and knowledge in their area of expertise, investors, business angels, people who have a lengthy experience in IT and other startups.
Enterprise Lithuania created a platform for easier communication and knowledge sharing of experienced professionals and young entrepreneurs. Registered users will be able to send mentors private messages or book a time slot for a mentoring session.
Benefits for mentors:A personal contribution to improving entrepreneurship in Lithuania, enhancement of business culture, development and improvement of national economic situation and promotion of not-for-profit activities. Mentor will not only share knowledge but also will improve communication, cooperation, management and leadership skills.
Benefits for mentee:Will get an opportunity to consult with the experts on different business related topics, gain valuable knowledge, learn from the good-practise of experienced businessmen and businesswomen, make new contacts in the business world.